FALLS Predict™

Predicting and preventing falls across all ages in homes, cities and at the workplace


Cities should consider fall prevention

Smart cities are cities that anticipate problems. Weather conditions may trigger falls, especially in fragile people.


Our Mission

FALLS in Home

Falls in the home came occur at any time regardless of age or gender. However, most research focuses on the elderly. Public Health England (PHE)carried out a study only focusing on 65+yrs and estimated this cost to PHE of £4.3billion.

FALLS in Streets

Falls in the street occur across all ages, genders and circumstances. They can be caused by uneven or slippery surfaces conditions. These conditions can be deceptive. One part of a street may be sheltered and ice free, while another part may be exposed to freezing winds causing a deceptive and patchy thin layer of ice to create an unseen hazard.

FALLS in Workplace

Fall also occur in the workplace either inside or outside the company’s premises - a slippery factory floor or surface within their office property. Outside the office, employers have a duty of care to ensure peripatetic employees are supported and given the right training and tools to carry out their duties. Employees such as refuse collectors, street cleaners, postal and delivery workers, police or other professional workers going about their jobs keeping us safe or visiting their clients in the community.